Stories or fleeting moments?

Since Instagram copied Snapchat by adding the Stories feature I’ve been experimenting.

Most of the people seem to disagree and dismiss this new feature but I found it interesting because I never used Snapchat therefore I was not sure what I could do with these photos or videos that will stay available online only for a day or so. 



Obtaining an old iphone helped as it is quite quick to take a shot or record a short video. On my previous phone the whole procedure was pretty painful.



Anyway for now I enjoy capturing these fleeting moments and I really like the part when you decide if you want to keep your image or just let it disappear after 24 hours. I know it takes more than just one day to objectively judge your own photo but a 24hour decision is not bad either…



4 thoughts on “Stories or fleeting moments?

  1. I’ve found stories to be an interesting addition which I’m not too sure what I make of it. I think it’s a great way to show little “behind the scenes” moments or unfinished works. Then again, perhaps it is a great way to show some of your best work but in a way that encourages people to view it in a final piece (in a book, zine, exhibition etc). In many ways, I use Instagram stories how I used to use instagram, for interesting little things that aren’t refined or polished and now I try to use instagram as more of a portfolio…perhaps that’s not the best idea. Anyway I think it is an interesting addition, I’m just not sure how best to use it. [P.s. I’ve enjoyed some of your stories Yuri!]

    • Thanks Chris. I’ve realised that i tend to be very selective of what i post on insta wall lately (just want to show the best shots and all that) but with Insta stories i just dont have to worry about that – it’ll be gone in 24h.. and i think its great tool for trying, experimenting on new stuff as well as shooting the behind the scenes types of shots like you mentioned 🙂 it’ll be interesting to see how it develops

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