Monday Masters : Michael Ernest Sweet

Last year I read an article from a photographer who hit a creative block and wanted to try out something new, something that will push him out of his comfort zone and challenge his creative ways. That article really spoke to me and reconfirmed one thing – there is no perfect camera for street photography, it is your vision and understanding whats going on around you is what matters.

I found that article yesterday. It was published by Michael Ernest Sweet who challenged himself to shoot on a simple disposable film camera.

Michael Ernest Sweet is a Canadian photographer, writer and educator. He is best known for gritty black and white close up photographs.Sweet’s most notable photographic work, grainy, black and white photo series on Coney Island.

His biggest impact on me however lays in his photography articles which he wrote while working for Huffington Post. One of them I mentioned earlier and I will leave the link for it right here.

My favourite photo:


Thank you Michael for your articles and inspiration.

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See you soon!


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