Martin Waltz (favourite photo)

Hey guys, time for another Monday photo pick. Chris has nominated Martin Waltz – a German photographer with whom I wasn’t familiar until today. I grabbed my laptop and started looking at his work. 

The first thing I noticed while scrolling through Martin images – they have that rawness and grit of Berlin streets. Even though there are Black&White photos mixed with Colour, it didn’t seem to bother me. High contrast images capturing geometry of city scape and close ups of passers by. Also I would like to mention an exceptional use of blur in his images which adds some mystery and a poetic twist to his photographs.

Favourite image:


©Martin Waltz , Berlin 2016

An image where the foreground subject is totally contradicts the background. First of all, as you can see there’s no “Rule of thirds” in here because there is no need for it. Its all about the centre of the photo and the background. Whoever doesn’t know the place – it is a Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. So the smiling face of a girl who is pleased to get a selfie is really out of place. I mean we don’t really know what happened exactly at that moment but thats what the photographer wanted us to see I presume. That’s the beauty of photography.

I would like to thank Chris for introducing me to Martin Waltz, you can also check out Chris’ pick here.

Thank you for reading and till very soon!





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