France Strikes Again (26/01/16)

Hello dear friends,

As promised, here is my view on the first French Nationwide strike this year which took place on 26th of january. Click continue to find out how it happened in Montpellier.

The “Black Tuesday” protests are the latest challenge to the Socialist government as it tries to modernise the economy and find France’s place in an increasingly globalised, online marketplace.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled as air traffic controllers joined civil servants, hospital workers and teachers for the day of strikes.
I came to the city centre at around 10am, having just enough time to mingle through the crowd and find some interesting things and characters to capture. I had Canon 650D and a 24mm prime lens ( which is equivalent to 38mm on a full frame i believe ). I shot in RAW with P mode on. I also preferred having an autofocus on so i could just concentrate on catching these moments in a moving crowd. I took about 100 images during 1 hour and half, from which I first selected 40, then cut it down to 22. All edited in Lightroom with a Portra 400 preset.

All rights reserved ©yurirasin 2016

Thats it for now. Don’t hesitate to comment if you have some questions or suggestions. Oh and if you liked what you saw, let’s connect or give it a share.

Thank you for reading and till next time,




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