Hello dear reader,

I don’t know about you but i’m drowning in social media lately. There is just too much time wasted only on trying to decide, to which social network you want to share whatever it is you’re sharing.  If you feel the same, click here to read more


Nowadays, there are new social platforms being created right and left. And it seems thats its absolutely necessary to be enrolled in most of them, trying to keep up and sign up here and there just to get noticed so people will hopefully follow you.

Yes, i want to get my blog out there, to share with people from all over the world in an instant – its magic isn’t it? But i fall into the trap by thinking the more networks i’m in, the more followers i’ll get…

If you don’t mind, i’ll take you a few years back and quickly tell you my story.

It all started with Flickr, where i began to upload my first photos taken with then a second hand Canon 450D. Some time later i created my own website and signed up for Twitter to get some followers and bring traffic to my site and Flickr gallery. And how could i leave out Facebook?! I made a Facebook fan page . Don’t even ask me about Instagram

Somewhere in between i started my photography blog (then on Blogger) After a while i’ve gained some followers here and there, and was advised by a friend of mine to sign up for Pinterest and LinkedIn and some other platforms that i haven’t heard of before as it’s absolutely crucial for online exposure!

Shortly after i’ve realised that i simply don’t have enough time to follow and keep up with all this madness. Yes, there are a few website to help you optimize like Hootsuite or Buffer or IFTTT, but still, i felt like i fell out of my boat and have no life jacket nearby…

So i’ve decided to cut down drastically on social media. I still have some way to go, but already i’ve managed to focus on the most important online sites.

I’ve learnt that i’d rather stick to 2 or 3 main platforms and use them correctly and more often than have a dozen and get lost amongst them.

It’s the content and the consistency that matter after all. So at present i’m trying to merge my official website into WordPress which means i’ll have my portfolio neatly organised and have a blog running all in the same place. Twitter remains great for sharing your work and also to communicate with like minded people and updating facebook a couple of times per week should be sufficient.

That’s how it works for me. If you’d like to share your social media experience or how you deal with it, please feel free to leave a comment.

That’s it for now, have a great week and till next time





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